$75 Paypal Cash Giveaway

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It’s the mid of June,2013 and i have decided to start a contest on my blog of $75 paypal cash prize which will be sent to the winners Paypal account. You can also be the winner and grab the cash prize. It’s better thing that you are reading this post and you will get a chance to earn either $50 or $25 by this giveaway if you are choose as winner.

$75 giveaway

$75 giveaway Paypal

This is first giveaway  on Know to Blog of 75 dollars cash and i think cash giveaway is more attractive than that of other stuff contests. Because if you have won the prize, you can spend the money wherever you want either to purchase wordpress plugin or theme or any other thing online.

Money Prizes ( $75 giveaway)

First Prize : $50 direct into Paypal account

Second Prize : $25 direct into Paypal account

Note : “Both the winners will be selected as Random through Punchtab”.

Things that are Required

  • You must have valid Paypal account in order to grab money if you are select as winner.
  • You should need to sign up to our list for giveaway updates as well as Informative guides from “Know to Blog” (Subscription Widget can be found on sidebar) .
  • This giveaway is opened worldwide, so it means everybody can participate into this contest.
  • Use the Punchtab to earn more entries, the more entries you will have there are more chances that you can be announced as winner.
  • Leave a comment below.Your comments are welcome and encouraged.

Giveaway Sponsor

Hamid Roshan – Sponsors with $25  cash

Hamid Roshan is a blogger who blogs at TechTapper, which loves to write tech related stuff and informative guides on Computer and Internet. In order to make money online, he is also doing freelancer job.

Increases Your Chances to Win $75 giveaway

For such kind of contest, PunchTab is useful tool. All you need to do is join it and after following you will earn entries and at last it will give you a unique referral link. Spread that specific link on social media to earn more points, which can lead you to win this contest.

Enter into Giveaway OF $75 giveaway

Just follow the punctab widget below to enter into this contest :


Update : Winner announced are Amjad Zaman & Myung Lee, both winners are selected via Punchtab random method. Emails is sent to both winners and if they don’t reply within 24-48 hours to email, their entries will be neglected.

I hope you will be happy with this $75 giveaway . As always your comments are welcome and encouraged.


88 Comments to $75 Paypal Cash Giveaway

  1. Hi Aqib, awesome Giveaway bro!! I would like to see some premium plugins giveaway on your blog. Just entered the giveaway and hope to win this. Thanks a lot for the great giveaway!!

  2. This is a very interesting giveaway Aqib,
    I like it when we bloggers arrange something like this to reward their readers. I found your blog at facebook and decided to branch off.

    I’m also happy to have met this giveaway. I will certainly enroll in this one who knows, i might win.

    Thanks for sharing man.

  3. Thanks Aqib For this giveaway. I will definitely be winning this giveaway by earning the most entries. Keep on arranging such giveaways that support newbies in blogging.

  4. first of all best of luck for your new idea & Next giveaway should be selection of good Blog, Waiting for email for winner announcement :)

  5. All the best to those who all are participating in the contest.
    But unfortunately, I would not be able to participate.

    But, the contest is nice and open to all which is again nice thing

  6. Asifa Shaheen

    Hi Aqib,
    First of all thanks for placing a contest on blog. I have participated into and daily sharing it to earn more entries. In next giveaways, i would like to see any account from wordpress themes websites.

  7. I am willing to try a lot..I have never won anything so here goes for the first time.I would really like to win.Thank you.

  8. I would like to see either cash or clothing giveaways. Thank you for the amazing giveaway.

  9. Eliza-Ligia

    I like the cash giveaways :P

    Other than that, what I’d really love to see is a giveaway for the new Nokia Lumia 925

  10. precious mae

    Love the cash giveaways but I would love to see a mobile giveaway, too. Fingers crossed on this one!