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One of the most common problem that most of the bloggers these days are facing is making money online (Chitika) and another one is Google AdSense approval easily. If you didn’t get Google AdSense account approved then you don’t have to be worried about it.

A lot of other advertisement programs are present online that you can use on your blog and make money from it.


Chitika is also one of the such advertisement program that can help you to make money from your blog. It is contextual based advertisement programs therefore it means it will always show relevant ads to your content.

Use Of Chitika With Google AdSense

You can easily run Chitika Ads with Google AdSense account because most of the bloggers these days are using both ads network on their blogs or websites. For most of bloggers Chitika is performing better than Google AdSense. If you are not earning good income from AdSense but have good traffic towards your blog, then you can give a try to Chitika.

There is one true fact in the blogging that one can’t stick with a thing all time. AdSense is best contextual advertisement program for most of bloggers but when there is not AdSense, then you can’t say that it’s end of the day.

As I already mentioned that for most of the bloggers this advertisement network is highest paying ads program because it shows targeted ads similar to AdSense advertisements.

Top Performing Niches For Chitika

One good suggestion from me is that if you are using 3 ads units on your blog and not earning good money then I will suggest you to use one advertisement of Chitika along with AdSense and I hope you will feel the good difference.

For Technology, Gadgets and similar niches blogs, it works great for those blogs and their owners are making good revenue. You can also give it try to your non- technology based niche blog and I am also using it on three of my blogs.

Hurry up!! Sign up for chitika and start making money online from your blog easily with this ads program.

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  1. Hello dear,
    very well written, before from this post i was against of chitika use on blog, but now i will try it on my own blog. thanks for sharing such a great informative post.

    • knowtoblog

      Their referral program works awesome, try it you will be able to generate huge income.