5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Twitter

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Among top social media platforms you can easily  grow your business using twitter . Most of companies and business persons have boosted their business and grow it using twitter .This guide will help you that how grow your business using twitter fast and easily.
grow your business using twitter

Grow Your Business Using Twitter

Below are the top tips mentioned that can help you to grow your business through twitter which is awesome social media website of this purpose.

Making your profile

 You first need to create your own profile on twitter. After when you are done with this step,then you need to do settings with your account like to add description and link of your company.You can also create two twitter accounts, one for customers support and one for company.

 Listen and Learn

At first you need to follow up the other twitter users that are having maximum number of followers, learn out what are they are saying by following them. By following them you will one good advantage that most of their follower will also try to  follow you.Try to add Lisa irby, Harsh Agarwal etc.

 Cash and Share

You need to visit the informative blogs and websites daily and need to tweet the useful and informative articles. And also you need to retweeting of posts from other users.Find customers which are looking for their help, listen their issue and solve it as soon as possible.You need to share the news or updates about  your company but keep in mind that ratio will be of one quarter posts.

 Grab attention

You need to hold a contest on your website or blog  by which you can get more twitter followers, use the discussion with hashtags in order for more twitter exposure. You need to start a blog on your company name and share article links on twitter to grab more visitors and readers for your website.


This is the best method to get more followers and to promote  your twitter profile by featuring twitter handle on your  website or blog. This will help your readers and customers to connect with your on twitter. Advantage will be that your follower start increasing.

Conclusion on Tips  to Grow Your Business Using Twitter

I hope you liked this informative guide. These are the top tips that are mentioned in this article in order to help you to promote and Grow Your Business using twitter.

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  1. Promotion is the best way to make our business viral and also it create a social media relation between customers and business.

  2. Really Awesome article! Actually last week I was also working on twitter and I got a very good result.. Thanks for sharing these best tips bro.

  3. Makadiya

    Nice Post Man,
    Better you add some Twitter Tools like TweetDeck to make it More efficient .

  4. Truly awesome post…
    Really very informative one.. Enjoyed your way of writing the post.

    Keep it up!

    • I simply write articles in my own style which is very simple and this is the reason most of newbie bloggers love my writing style.
      Glad you liked this informative post.

  5. I hope applying these tips on twitter will grow our business.
    Social medias are the great mediums to share about the latest trends.

    • Most of the people who are doing business job are mostly active on twitter for promoting their products or company and take it to the high level.